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Wasp on Scallion Bloom

September 28, 2010

wasp on scallion bloom

Children’s Garden Tips

September 26, 2010

Throw a party.

bees on sunflower

Invite their friends,


especially the colorful friends.


Get down on their level and see what they see.


Remember to plant bite size morsels.

alpine strawberry

Remember to plant flowers for picking,


lots of flowers for picking.

fairy garden

Let them help with the harvest,

dried beans

and let them help cook their harvest.

Most of all, let them have fun in the garden.


I’ve missed the last few weeks, since the garden fairy started preschool and I started volunteering. This has been loads of fun and I’m going to miss it through the long, cold winter. I’m looking forward to catching up on all the kinderGARDEN posts while planning next year’s garden. Many thanks to Kim, at the inadvertent farmer, for a wonderful summer adventure.


The Garden Fairy Chronicles has been my contribution to the kinderGARDENS project. The goal was to get more kids out into the garden. The links for the final week can be found here, at the inadvertent farmer, or you can click the button below for all the details. Links to the Garden Fairy Chronicles can be found here.

Inadvertent Farmer

Weekly links to all of the participants’ links can be found here.


September 18, 2010


The garden has been full of dragonflies, lately. The season is winding down, with temperatures cooling and harvests dwindling. It’s time to evaluate how the various plants and gardening techniques have performed, but the garden fairy has started school and I start a new job next week. That could be good news for next year’s garden budget if I can manage my time well and make it worth it.

September Nasturtiums

September 6, 2010

The GROW project nasturtiums are doing well. The little spots of orange really add to the garden. They go beautifully with the various dark pink flowers and yellow sunflowers.



It took a while, but the nasturtiums finally grew up above the faded sweet peas.


Inside the garden, the nasturtiums are shaded by the taller, vining vegetables. The leaves are generally larger and healthier looking spilling out into the gravel paths, but there are fewer flowers due to the soil amendments and fertilizer used on the veggies.



In the sunniest, driest patch, the nasturtiums are not looking happy. I’m waiting to see if they perk up any with the lowering temperatures and position of the sun.


I did discover that the climbing nasturtiums are capable of climbing with the right support. Most of the supports I provided must have been too thick. Here, a leaf has wound itself around the narrow wire fence. It’s really only latching on and growing horizontally, but perhaps it could climb this type of fence on its own.


I thought I’d get a better photo after removing the dying leaves, but after doing so, I remembered they were poison ivy that I clipped and never went back to dispose of. Fortunately, washing immediately with grease cutting dishsoap and cold water really can prevent the nasty rash.

Sweet Peas

August 26, 2010

sweet peas

sweet peas

Bee Balm

August 18, 2010

Have you ever noticed, after the initial beauty of the bee balm fades…


what’s left is still interesting and has a subtle beauty, all its own?


Garden Fairy Chronicles, A Planting Tip

August 16, 2010

Cucumbers are a garden fairy favorite. After a rough start, our cucumbers are finally growing. The first to be harvested is miniature white. We’re really enjoying these. In a patch that is plagued by cucumber beetles and wilt, I’ve had to pull a few vines, the mini whites are producing well. It helps that they are small, therefore, ready to be picked quickly and frequently.

After picking, I rub the spines off, rinse them, and trim each end. The garden fairy eats them like apples. They are the perfect size for her. She tried this with the regular sized cucumbers, but couldn’t finish them and finally had to let me slice them for her. So, I’m adding miniature cucumbers to my must-plant list. I’ll also be on the look out for other miniature veggies or fun varieties to try with the garden fairy.

mini white cucumbers

Over the weekend, we planted red and purple carrots. The spring crop failed completely, but we’re trying again. Cosmic purple and atomic red carrots just sound like great fun for snack time. Just imagine the wondrous looks from the other kids in preschool. Maybe they’ll all go home and convince their parents to plant gardens.


The Garden Fairy Chronicles is my contribution to the kinderGARDENS project. The goal is to get more kids out into the garden. This week’s links can be found here, at the inadvertent farmer, or you can click the button below for all the details.

Inadvertent Farmer