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Fresh From the Garden

August 28, 2009
Fresh From the Garden

Fresh From the Garden

Finally, some ripe tomatoes. I was hoping to get enough ripe at the same time for a big batch of sauce, but a small batch is probably better for the first time making it. I’ve never made sauce from fresh tomatoes before. I only used half of the peppers and decided the tiny cherry tomatoes weren’t worth the effort. I did have to add a can of crushed tomatoes, but maybe I’ll get more ripe next time. I thought determinate meant they should all ripen together, but they aren’t behaving any different than the indeterminate. Ah well. In the basket are roma, bloody butcher, and the standard Burpee cherry tomatoes, jalepeno and serrano peppers, and three different types of onions. All except the serrano peppers were started from seed.

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  1. September 3, 2009 12:44 pm

    Hi, welcome to the gardening and garden-blogging world! Just a quick note to say that determinate actually refers to the height of the tomato plant being somewhat fixed. Indeterminate means that the plants will keep growing taller and taller.

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