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Autumn Musings

October 30, 2009

A solitary leaf hangs on to the bittersweet end.


Oak leaves glow.

oak leaves

Fallen leaves are full of fall color.

fallen leaves

Vibrant maple leaves scream autumn.


This shrub seems a bit confused. It appears to be all one shrub, yet part is holding on to summer green and part is joining the autumn color display.


The colors are pretty, but the thought of unknowingly playing with poison ivy put an end to collecting colorful leaves to make holiday placemats. Perhaps the garden fairy would enjoy cutting and arranging photos instead?

poison ivy

I didn’t know hosta adds golden leaves to the autumn show.


Even deer ravished hosta has a moment of glory. The bright spikes are reminiscent of a porcupine.


This hosta is surprisingly green, a last holdout for summer in the neighborhood. It also has an interesting form, quite a bit different than the others I’ve seen.


This looks painful. I don’t think this poor tree has long to live.


An interesting rock preparing for some Halloween action? A giant frog masquerading as a rock, watching the passersby?


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  1. October 30, 2009 5:29 pm

    Wow – great photos! I love the frog-rock in particular. Oh, how I wish we could grow Bittersweet out here in California. I’ve read that it’s invasive as heck, but with something that beautiful, I’d be tempted to plant it anyway! Thanks for the Fall show!

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