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December Harvest and A Bit of Review

December 16, 2009

When I planted my first vegetable garden, last year, I would never have thought that I could be harvesting anything in December. I live in Connecticut. It snows and freezes. Harvesting wasn’t planned, but merely an end of season experiment that did well. Now that I know, I’ll adjust the plan for next year.

December harvest

turnips, parsnip, garlic, scallions

I don’t know why some turnips plumped up and others didn’t. Perhaps better thinning, more sun, and slug control would help. The fattest one is only about two inches wide. Still, not bad for just playing around in the garden. I think I planted them the beginning of September, just to see if they’d grow. The spring sown turnips didn’t grow at all. Actually, nothing grew well this spring, so I’ll try again next year.

There are a few more turnips in another part of the garden. I thought they were something else, but discovered them while trying to get the last of the leaves out before the cold. There are several more parsnips. I pulled this one just to see if they grew. They were another thing that completely failed in the spring. Below the parsnip is a bit of garlic. It doesn’t look like garlic, but it is. I stuck some cloves from the grocery store in the ground, last fall. The elephant garlic did well, but the smaller type do much. Two clumps of the old garlic started growing in the fall.  I pulled one to see what it looked like. No head of garlic with cloves, it looks more like miniature scallions, but smells like garlic. The garden fairy thinks the garlic looks like dancing trees. I’ll use it the same as the scallions. I didn’t grow many scallions. Most of them were already harvested. I left a couple to see what they do over the winter. Next year, I’ll grow more and add leeks. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten leeks, but they sound very easy to grow. My Dad grows leeks. They multiply in his garden and come back every year.

These will all be chopped up, sauteed with bacon, and added to potatoes with cheese and a bit of cream. The garden fairy and her dad both loved a new potato gratin recipe I made for Thanksgiving. This will be very similar.

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