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December 28, 2009

Amaryllis are such glorious winter flowers. The first one did bloom for Christmas. I doubt you could find a more Christmas themed bloom than this. It goes beautifully with a candy cane color scheme, which was not what I had, but beautiful nonetheless.

elvas opening

I planted three bulbs, sometime before Thanksgiving, probably early to mid November. It’s amazing how they differ in terms of growth. They were all the same brand, from two different grocery stores. I planted them all the same day. The first two were kits, which included plastic pots and planting medium pellets. I hydrated the pellets, either peat or coir, and mixed that with vermiculite and worm castings. I planted the bulbs in this mix, one in the plastic pot included, the other in a terracotta pot. Their names were elvas and amigos. The third bulb, another elvas, came preplanted, but I replanted it in its plastic pot with the same worm poo enriched mix as the first two. This last bulb is already blooming, while its leaves are only about three inches tall. It has one stem with three blooms, the last about half open. The amigos, in the plastic pot, is not far behind. It has two stems, one of which is starting to open and show color. The leaves are almost as tall as the stems.

elvas bloom

The directions cautioned against overwatering, stating to water once, sparingly, and then wait for growth. In a more humid environment or the plastic pots, this is fine. With dry, forced air heat, the third bulb, in the terracotta pot, dried out. I waited until the other two were well on their way and then began watering this one, also. I watered sparingly, just enough to keep it barely moist. This elvas is only just starting to take off. The taller of its two stems is a few inches tall.

amigos bud

amigos bud

I don’t know if the varied growth patterns will affect the long term health of the bulbs, but I plan to try to grow them through the summer and encourage them to re-bloom next year. I’ve only grown one amaryllis before. It was in an apartment and was either given away or discarded after the holidays. If these grow well, I’ll add a new variety or two each year, perhaps even one of the more exotic types that have to be ordered early.

full display

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  1. December 28, 2009 9:03 am

    You have a lovely bloom for the holidays. I try and grow a new amaryllis every winter. Being in a mild climate, I can plant them in the garden in April, and then, they will bloom the next year starting in February/March. These are some of my favorite flowers.

    Always Growing

  2. December 28, 2009 8:23 pm

    Beautiful Amaryllis, Kate. This is my first year trying to get my Amaryllis to re-bloom. I kept it in a south-facing window over the summer, and it has been safely tucked away in a closet since the beginning of November. Come to think of it, I think it’s time to take it out. Like you, I hope to add to my collection each year. It is wonderful having something blooming during the dark winter days. They are quickly becoming one of my favorite flowers. 😉 Best wishes for the New Year!!


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