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New Year’s Planting

January 4, 2010

While waiting for the ball to drop, on New Year’s Eve, I read an article about various superstitions relating to the new year. There were many, but the common thought amongst them was that what you do on New Year’s Day sets the trend for the year ahead. I didn’t really set out to plan my activities for the day, but if they were trend setting, I’m happy there was a bit of gardening included.

Mid December is probably much too late for planting bulbs here, but warm weather persisted and I stumbled across a couple of very pretty discounted tulips, Claudia and Margarita.

(Above images are from Euroblooms. My tulips are still bulbs.)

I had hoped to plant them before it turned cold, but was busy with other garden chores and holiday activities. Several days ago, I started seeing aphids on my indoor plants. I didn’t know where they came from. Last year, I spent weeks fighting an aphid infestation on my overwintering geraniums. So, this year, I was careful and sprayed my plants before bringing them in. I just happened to pick up the package of tulip bulbs on New Year’s Day. It was full of aphids and their carcasses. Eww. I didn’t want them sitting around the house, but there was too much snow covering the garden to plant them outside. I did the next best thing. I brushed off all the aphids and planted them in pots.


I had one large planter that I bought for an indoor palm tree that quickly died. I found a lovely bird’s nest fern to put in the planter, then read that they require a small planter. It sat empty in my living room for much too long, but is now full of the promise of tulips. I don’t know how the planter will fare outside, left to the winter elements. I’ll just have to wait and see. About half of the two dozen tulips went into the large planter. That left another dozen that needed homes. I have plenty of empty pots, that would need cleaning, out in the shed, which would require traipsing through snow to get to. Once I got them and cleaned them, would they be deep enough for tulips? Four to six inches, plus space for soil under the bulbs? I decided it wasn’t worth finding out when there were plenty of soda bottles in the basement. I put one bulb in each bottle, for planting into the garden in spring.


I put the newly planted bulbs out on the kitchen steps, where they were quickly covered in snow. When the snow melts, I’ll probably move them to a more suitable location. They might be better off on a patch of ground with mulch piled around them. This is the first year that I planted bulbs, a few dozen daffodils in the garden and these tulips. I’m eager to see the results.

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  1. January 4, 2010 7:59 pm

    I can’t wait to see your bulbs in your pots. I hope they work 🙂

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