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The Violet and the Aphids

February 2, 2010

I’ve had a few newly developing violet plants under lights on a high shelf for several months. I water them regularly and feed them now and then, but there’s not much to look at. So, I don’t look much. By the time I discovered the aphids, there were quite a number of them. Perhaps not a full-blown infestation, but more than I could pick off of curly plants with so many hiding places for the little bugs. I did a search online to look for a cure. The standard treatment for aphids is simply knocking them off with a hard spray of water. That’s all well and good, but violets can suffer from a few drops of water and the buds seem awfully easy to knock off, too. Other sources suggested spraying with rubbing alcohol, either straight or mixed with water. I was hesitant, but had to do something. It’s almost time to start seeds for the coming season. I can’t have an infestation hanging around. So, I mixed some alcohol with water and sprayed away. I sprayed all the plants on my light shelf, and sprayed again a few days later. Interestingly, it seems to have worked. The violets don’t even look like they suffered much.


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  1. February 2, 2010 9:16 pm

    Glad it worked! I start quite a lot of seeds under lights and had nats last year. I used the yellow sticky paper and all the paper was loaded with the little buggers. I will keep the aphid remedy filed and ready to use…Thanks for sharing!

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