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Sowing Seeds

February 17, 2010

Seed starting is in full swing, now. The past two days, along with the 24th and 25th, were the best moon influenced days this month for planting flowers and above ground veggies. So, the garden fairy and I had a planting party.

seed shelf

This weekend, I’ll be adjusting the seedling shelves and adding more lights.

seeds in egg cartons

I’m not particularly picky when it comes to containers. I’ve been saving various types for garden uses. The egg cartons were originally destined for composting, but lots of sites suggest using them to start seeds. I shortened these to five cells to fit in the tray from an old seed starting kit. They don’t give much space to the new seedlings and will have to be replanted fairly soon, but they’re worth a try. The egg carton cells aren’t any smaller than the seed starting pellets. I tried those last year and wasn’t impressed. In rehydrating the pellets, it’s much too easy to make them soggy without seeing it. Also, the roots may grow through the outer cover, but they looked a bit restricted on the plants I dug up at the end of the season.

seed containers

Clockwise from the left, I have a windowsill greenhouse with peat pots, a rotisserie chicken container with peat pots, a greenhouse with peat pellets, and a take-out container filled with dirt. The last one doesn’t have a tall covering, so I’ll be watching closely for sprouts. I’m attempting to sprout ferns in that one. It’s still too early for most vegetables and fast growing annuals. I stuck to sowing cool weather crops, houseplants, and annuals that need a very early start.

The full list of seeds sown yesterday:

datura- black currant swirl

sedum (30 days to germinate)

lettuce- rouge d’hiver and butterhead

begonia- dragon wing pink




tomato- hybrid from Joseph at Greensparrow Gardens, brandywine pink, speckled roman




spinach- bordeaux

pansy- panola sunburst

falstaff brussels sprouts

drumhead savoy cabbage

coleus- black dragon, palisandra

Today, I sowed red swamp milkweed and put it in the fridge for the next three weeks. I’m not sure if the moon planting dates are for best for the start date of these special treatments or the end date. Since these are sown before chilling, I went with the start date.

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