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First Signs of Spring

February 27, 2010

The first signs of spring are here!


I inherited this poppy with the house. There was only one and, the first year, I thought it was a weed. It is the first plant to grow in spring because it lives up against the foundation of the house in a sheltered southeast facing nook. It looks like there’s a second one growing with it.


This tansy is also growing against the southern foundation. My garden guru gave me a bunch of the stuff last year. When dried, it’s supposed to repel ants.


This little sprout is growing a very narrow strip of dirt between the driveway and the neighbor’s fence. I planted several different types of seeds there, last summer. My best guess is this is a hollyhock, but that’s only a guess.


This little guy is pleasing to see growing. It’s the only surviving evergreen cutting that I rooted last year. I don’t know if it is from a small juniper or a larger white cedar shrub. It’s probably the smaller one, but the green bits looked very similar and this is still a baby. I’ll just wait and see how it develops.

Posting may be sporadic for a bit. My laptop is on the fritz. I’m used to using photoshop elements. On the desktop, I only have the newer full version of photoshop. I realize I’m fortunate to have an artist in residence with fancy software, but I’m not yet familiar with this version. I have discovered a couple of useful settings on the camera, though. The portrait setting allows for very nice macros… of plants, too, not only people.

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  1. March 2, 2010 4:05 pm

    Hi Kate! Your poppy reminded me of one of my plants. It was a beautiful blooming plant til I replanted it to a better (I thought), more sunny area. Since then, it doesn’t bloom. Should I move him back?
    As for the pictures, have you ever thought about uploading free Picasa? It’s good, the only minus is that it takes a lot of memory.
    Happy March to you!

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