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Busy in the Garden

April 26, 2010

The garden fairy and I have been busy in the garden the last few days. We planted the hydrangea on Earth Day.

hydrangea Claudie

hydrangea Claudie

hydrangea Claudie

The photos show the new shrub from different angles, in the paisley garden. Everything in the garden has started growing after the winter, so the bare spots are obvious. The hosta is still small shoots, but will fill out some. The sweet peas have sprouted. I’m hoping they grow up the tall branch pole they are planted around. Other spots just need more plants.

paisley garden

After planting the hydrangea, we moved the strawberries. Last year, I planted one alpine strawberry and one sequoia strawberry, right next to the driveway. They were happy there, but it was too easy for the garden fairy to pick the berries and eat them before I could get to them and wash them. I like the bugs that help me in the garden, but I cringe at the thought of my little garden fairy swallowing slugs or their droppings. Eww. I’m sure she’ll still go after them, but at least they are a bit less front and center in the back of the raised bed veggie garden.


The alpine strawberry has tiny berries and doesn’t produce runners. The sequoia is a regular strawberry. With the one plant and all it’s runners, I filled the new strawberry bed and a hypertufa trough, 32 plants in all. They looked a bit sad after the move, but not too bad. The next morning they looked refreshed and happy in their new home.


I discovered, last year, that catmint attracts cats. Who would have guessed? I don’t have cats, so I didn’t give it any thought. Once, I found the neighbor’s cat in my garden, just rolling around in the catmint. It’s better than leaving droppings, but I don’t want to attract cats to my vegetable garden. The three catmints in the paisley garden are okay. The one next to the old strawberry spot had to move. That’s where I’ll be growing my summer squash and tomatoes.


When I finished moving it, the poor catmint looked even sadder than the strawberries. Most of the soil had fallen away from the roots. Perhaps it was too dry and I should have watered it before transplanting? There wasn’t much I could do about it at that point. I watered it well and hoped for the best. By morning, you couldn’t tell how close to death the poor thing had looked the night before. It’s amazing how well it recovered.

Today, we’ll be planting potatoes and preparing our counterattack on whatever is eating my spring veggies. They’ve wiped out most of the Asian stir fry greens and started on the turnips and broccoli. These are all sprouts. Last year, it was slugs and earwigs. This time, I’ve found piles of young millipedes. On both occasions, where there were sprouts the night before, all that can be found, if you look very closely, are itty bitty sprout skeletons. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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  1. April 28, 2010 5:11 pm

    You are busy! Those strawberries will love their new place!As for a catmint, I wish I could have it, but NO, there are too many cats around. I forgot that cats love valerian too, and planted it recently. Now, I see our neighbors’ cat in my garden on a regular basis.

  2. April 30, 2010 6:13 am

    I planted nepeta, not catmint, but it still attracted all the neighbourhood cats. Mine didn’t recover, so I won’t be planting that again.

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