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Garden Fairy Chronicles – Mischief

July 25, 2010

The raspberries are done for now. The garden fairy loved picking them, and eating them. She went out to check them every morning and see what was ready for picking. Each day or two, she had a little bowl of them to snack on. This was from two small plants that we planted last year. They have grown much, much bigger, with many more canes. I don’t remember if the new canes will have berries in the fall or not until next year. They were a gift from my garden guru aunt.

The garden fairy even had her Papa helping her pick raspberries. She had a wonderful week with her Nana and Papa, earlier this month. They flew out from Seattle. Living on the other side of the country means they don’t get to see her nearly as often as they’d like. So, when they do, they make up for it with lots of attention. Add in her dad on vacation and she is surrounded with extra playmates. They all have to enjoy each other as much as possible in the short time they have.

Sadly, when everyone has gone home, or even just back to work, it’s only her and me again, and sometimes her teenage sister. Mischief is bound to happen. Okay, she gets up to plenty of mischief just being three. So, no amount of asking, “Please don’t pick my flowers, or at least ask first.” keeps her from picking flowers when she really wants to. I think repeated requests are helping. Sometimes she asks first. Sometimes, she even listens to the answer. Sometimes, she has her own thoughts on the matter, “These are my mother’s day flowers I made for you.” That means she should be allowed to pick them.

The garden fairy has also taken up decorating. She’s been having loads of fun with wiki sticks or bendaroos, which look like colorful, wax covered string. They stick to each other and then come apart for more creating fun. They also stick to the walls and her dresser and probably lots of other things she hasn’t thought of, yet.

Decorating and creativity are loads of fun. So is sidewalk chalk. It’s one of the simple pleasures of summer. With just a piece of chalk and a driveway, all sorts of fun is just waiting to be had. And when Dad’s car is in the driveway, and Mom has been distracted by weeds or bugs or something else in the garden, what more could a good little garden fairy wish for?

“Look, Mom! I decorated Dad’s car for him. Isn’t it beautiful?” She was so proud of herself and happy to do something nice for her Dad. Ah well, at least it was only chalk and wiped off easily.


The Garden Fairy Chronicles is my contribution to the kinderGARDENS project. The goal is to get more kids out into the garden. This week’s links can be found here, at the inadvertent farmer, or you can click the button below for all the details.

Inadvertent Farmer

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  1. July 25, 2010 1:21 pm

    It’s so great that she has an interest in the Raspberry plant. It’s good to know the plant eventually grows larger. We planted a raspberry this year, and it’s so tiny still. I’m hoping next year it will be bigger!

  2. July 25, 2010 4:54 pm

    Goodness I am glad that was only sidewalk chalk!

    My kiddos have been eating raspberries every day too…I will sad when they are gone. But that means blackberries are not far behind.

    Living next door to my folks I take for granted how lucky my kids are…thanks for the reminder! Kim

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